Take your copy to a new level.

The demand now for any copywriting service is to provide search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

What can a SEO copywriting service do for your business or website?

  • Organic traffic (Google and Yahoo! friendly)
  • Keyword optimization (Always ethical and always White Hat!)
  • Provide backlinks (essential for PR or 'page rank' and site popularity.)
  • SERP relevancy (Search Engine Results Page. What every site or blog shoots for is to be #1 on Google!)
SEO copywriting services are beneficial to your site because:
  • Press releases often times can hit front page. = Organic traffic, higher conversions.
  • Ghost written articles when properly SEO'ed get found. = Higher conversions.
  • Articles submitted to directories promoting your site are great for backlinks. = Higher PR and SERP relevancy.
  • Reviews not only shine light on your site, when properly optimized can bring in additional traffic. = Referal traffic, conversions.
  • Properly researched and placed keywords get you closer to the #1 spot in the SERP's. = More organic traffic, higher conversions and a host of other benefits from people who visit your site.
In English, you want an SEO copywriting service to handle certain aspects of your marketing.

Copy alone is not good enough and you also need an SEO copywriting service that can provide you with 'offline SEO' which will prompt your already target market into an even tighter readership. = Higher conversions, more organic traffic.

More, more, more is what you get when from an SEO copywriter. Contact me and let me know how I can get your business started to cash in on the benefits of SEO copy.