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Facebook and Why You Need It!

Facebook offers a tremendous opportunity for your business in several ways: Creating business pages and using SEO in your profile.

Using business pages helps you build a network and you can completely bypass any type of ads or SEO efforts. You can choose to be independent of Google and other search engines by not to have your profile indexed.

If you do choose to have your profile indexed make sure you use keywords when creating your profile to get maximum exposure in the search engines.

Create a business page for each and everyone of your sites and make your 'Become a Fan' badges easily available.

Facebook is currently the number one social media marketing method out there followed up by email marketing, and Twitter in third place.

Focus your marketing efforts on these three marketing strategies to boost your marketing efforts.

For information on email marketing campaigns DM me on Twitter or send me a message on Facebook to get the latest information on doing business in Sea…
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Small Business Email Marketing

Small business email marketing services for the greater Seattle area.

Please leave me a comment or email me for more info.

Small business email marketing is the number one method of marketing ranked over SEM and SEO.

If you have a small business in Seattle and are searching for new ways to market your business using direct email marketing please contact me with questions.

Growing database offers:
72,000 potential customers in the Seattle area.200,000 potential customers in the region.3,000,000 + for other types of direct email marketing for your small business.100% opt list - customers are looking for YOUR business! Email me for details or an appointment.

SEO Copywriting Services: What are they?

What do SEO copywriting services provide?

Some of the benefits to your site or business can be:

Articles Writing Service - What better way to build authority than to have many articles written on the subject of your business and then redirected to your website. That is one of the main benefits that SEO copywriting services provide as benefits to your business.

Rewriting Content - You may not need an entire article written. Just a touch up on some existing content.

SEO Keywords - The best SEO copywriting services research the best niche and long tail keywords for your online presence. Proper placement of niche keywords can make or break your site. Stop competeing for the same keywords everyone else is using. Good SEO copywriting services research and find what your customers are searching for.

SEO Press Releases - Have the search engines and Google News find your sites!

SEO Consulting - Hire us to do the work or create marketing materials for you.

Freelance Writing Jobs - Our top freelancers…

Design My Logo

Take a look at my site Blogs that Make Money.

As you can see I have a spiffy new blog but no cool logo to match it.

If you do web, blog design or logos contact me with a bid. Tell me what you would do to either make changes on my blog or send me some samples of your work.

Please make sure you send a bid.

Sample Press Release

(Begin sample press release. ----->

Online Marketing Business Offers Blogging to the Bank 3.0
Rob Benwell's highly anticipated Blogging to the Bank 3.0 focuses
not only how to blog, but how to market with up-to-date seo
marketing and web optimization for your blogging or online marketing business.
PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 06, 2008 – The theme of the latest B2TB series gets right to the point how multiple niche blogs have the potential to individually turn into a high rank traffic site.

Jordan Pearce the principal at Blogs that Make Money recently stated:
"A high rank traffic site is every bloggers dream come true. There is so much information out there on seo marketing and how to blog, and to be able to know how to use it to your advantage, well that's coveted information. Part of Benwell's secret formula has to do with publishing. The term 'niche domination' really has to do with what it takes to be a great publisher."


Copywriting and SEO Updates

Officially this is me to your left. Now you have an idea of what your
SEO copywriter looks like.

If you need more info on SEO and copywriting join my newsletter at Blogs That Make Money. The next newsletter will be the three (maybe four) things you need to concentrate on in 2009 no matter what niche your site is.

If you need SEO and copywriter consulting please contact me as the rates are flexible. If I can't help you out, I know someone who can.

What is a big SEO copywriting tip that I would leave you with today? How about two tips:

Using an SEO Copywriting Service
Make sure the person doing your work is enthused about their work and your project. If they are just doing it for the money and don't see a real way to make changes in your SEO or copywriting it will really be a lost cause.

Being an SEO Copywriter
See the above and be sparked to work on someones site not just to get paid but because you have a genuine interest. If you think it is a great copywriting project but not y…